Company Overview

Founded in 1982, Filbitron has been committed to providing innovative computer solutions to the North American market. Filbitron began as a software development company and quickly moved to designing networked systems of workstations for the multi-user environment.

The advent of Pen Technology presented an opportunity for Filbitron to leverage our experience in the field of computing with the opportunities of a new truly mobile platform. Since that time, Filbitron has worked with the majority of mobile technology's key organizations and developed a unique understanding of the industry.

Early on, Filbitron recognized that the inherent benefits of a mobile, lap-free platform were ideally suited to the needs of the retail sales representative. This led Filbitron to the design and development of our WriteTRAC suite of applications, which focuses on sales force automation for the consumer packaged goods industry.

Today, Filbitron is recognized as a single source for innovative, viable, cost effective tablet solutions. We have installed and implemented mobile systems in a broad range of markets including retail, utilities, GIS, insurance and healthcare. We have the experience, the expertise and are uniquely positioned to design and recommend a solution to meet the needs of today’s organizations.

" I am proud of the leadership role we have played in developing and deploying new technologies for the business environment"
Henry Fischler - Founder

Filbitron Mobile Computing History

1989      First pen based computer project
        The New Brunswick Tourist Board using a Scriptwriter from Data Entry Systems, and software from Filbitron.

1991      New Software development
        PenPoint O/S introduction of GO and NCR 3125.

1992      Pen Computing User Conference-Markham
        Microsoft and IBM announce pen extensions to OS/2.
        Introduction of GRID and Fujitsu hardware.

1994      Sale of GRID PalmPads to Ministry of Finance for property inspection.
        First major SFA project on the Fujitsu 325 Point using Filbitron’s PharmaTRAC software.

1995      Fujitsu introduces the Stylistic 500, with Pen for Windows.
        Filbitron delivers on a contract to Best Foods Canada, another major SFA project, using Fujitsu hardware and WriteTRAC.
        Filbitron supplies Fujitsu tablets to the G7 summit in Halifax.

1996      Fujitsu introduces the Stylistic 1000
        Filbitron supplies WriteTRAC to Nabisco Canada and Gay Lea Foods.

1997      First wireless pen-based installation in Canada
        Filbitron releases new merchandising tool of WriteTRAC to Bacardi Canada.

1999      Filbitron installs wireless pen based system at ICBC, the largest installation in Canada.

2000      Bill Gates introduces the Tablet PC as the "next generation of computing" at Comdex.
        Filbitron moves into the United States with Rand McNally and Unilever de Puerto Rico with Pen Tablets and WriteTRAC.

2002      Filbitron becomes Canadian distributor and services centre for Motion Computing.

2003      Hydro One deploys large field automation project utilizing rugged Xplore Technologies tablets sourced and serviced
        through Filbitron.

2004      WriteTRAC II is released with comprehensive enhancements for the food brokerage industry.

2005      A major milestone as Filbitron installed our 15,000th tablet PC in Canada

2007      PDA version of WriteTRAC II is implemented at Ferrero.

2008      Integrated digital photos are added to WriteTRAC II.

2015      Xplore Closes Purchase of Motion Computing